Partners In Life And Business Half Day Workshop

Beating the odds; how to work together and be happy.

Success And Sanity While You work Together

With so many horror stories out there, it can seem like a crazy idea to go into business when you’re a couple. After all if the business fails it could take your relationship with it.

In our half day workshop – Beating the odds; how to work together and be happy – you can learn valuable skills to make sure you don’t end up one of the cautionary tales.

Over 4 hours you will learn how to :

  • Align Your Vision

Too many times when a couple goes into business together they assume they are going in with common goals and ideas. Many hours can be spent on financials, structures and systems without ever discussing where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

There are some really simple tools you can use to make sure you’re both heading in the same direction.

  • Learn How To Disagree

You’re a couple so you know how to fight, right? After all you’re not divorced. In fact, you’re so cool you’re going to start a business together!

The reality is that you’ve probably got some terrible conflict resolution skills. Don’t feel bad, that’s pretty much everyone.

Spending some time learning how to disagree can save your business and your relationship.

  • Discover An Attitude Of Gratitide

Hard times are guaranteed when you go in to business. Even more so if you’re a couple. What kind of strategies do you have in place for when the shit hits the fan?

An attitude of gratitude is one way you can form good habits before the hard times turn up.

Whether you are only thinking about starting a business together or you’ve been hard at it for a while, this is a must do workshop.

Even though the topic is a serious one, we keep the day fun and entertaining. Some people even say Mike is really funny. Although I don’t see it (Sandii writing, could you guess?).

So find the time together to come along and find out how you can beat the odds.

Places are limited so book now.

If you’d like to spend some time with us after the workshop to ask questions and have some refreshements, consider a VIP ticket. You’ll also get front row seats and a little goodie bag to take home. There only 5 VIP places so book quickly.