Partners In Life And Business Weekend Retreat

A luxury weekend spent discovering how to survive working together with your sanity intact


Working with your partner can be a fantastic experience.

Working at home in your pyjamas, spontaneous trips to the movies if the mood strikes or even some long lunches with a colleague whose company you actually enjoy.

At least that’s what we imagine at the start. The reality can often be very different and even see you questioning your sanity for thinking this could ever work at all.

Keeping your work relationship completely separate to your home one is next to impossible no matter what the experts advise.

Despite our best intentions there are those meetings that start out talking about cash flow in the business and end up in an argument about who forgot to put the bin out last week.

Often language and tone cross a line that would get you fired if you were to behave that way to a co-worker in any other professional setting.

And then there are those moments you look at your partner and think to yourself “If I have to see your face for one more second I’m going to scream”.

Finding a way to navigate the highs and lows of working with your spouse is vital for the success of your business AND your relationship.

That’s where our retreat comes in.

Centred around our 9 survival tips for being in business with your partner, the weekend will be full of strategies to stop your life and your business from becoming a disaster.

A mixture of classroom, activities and recreation not only will you come away with the tools to have an amazing business but you’ll also have the time to relax and connect with your partner. After all what good is a weekend retreat without some fabulous food and a little indulgence?

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Places will be limited to 10 couples so book now.