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Working with your partner will be a fantastic experience.

At least that’s what we envision at the start. The reality can be very different and can see you questioning your sanity for thinking it could ever work at all.

Finding a way to navigate the highs and lows of working with your spouse is vital for the success of your business AND your relationship.

Join us at one of our live workshops to learn strategies to stop your life and your business from becoming a disaster.

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Starting a business with someone you love can be a rewarding experience and there are many reasons why it can be a great idea, but for most people it’s a terrifying one. We’ve all heard stories where it’s ended in disaster resulting in a failed business, or worse…a failed relationship.

But don’t panic!

In this comprehensive online training you’ll learn communication and business strategies to help you keep your partnership – and sanity- intact.

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One of the most rewarding areas of Partners In Life And Business for us is getting up in front of crowd and sharing our slightly unconventional story of business success (and some failure).

Combining our personal journey of over 20 years with 9 survival tips for couples in business, we have created a keynote presentation that is entertaining and also sees the audience leave with some concrete strategies to take their business and relationship to the next level.

A Little Bit About Us

We’ve been working together for over 20 years. It really wasn’t by design, but somehow we’ve managed working as partners in life and business in all sorts of different ways:

  • We hosted a radio morning show together
  • Mike was once Sandii’s boss
  • We shared an office while being employed by a large company in the same job (that was nearly a deal breaker!)
  • In London, we bought a van and worked for a courier company, Sandii navigated and Mike drove….and carried boxes.
  • Started a business….and failed
  • Started another business…..and succeeded!!!

We’ve discovered that it can be really fun and rewarding to work with your significant other – if you have the right strategies in place. 
Right now, our day jobs are as freelance corporate trainers…but what we really enjoy doing is coaching and speaking with other couples who work together and sharing the tips and tricks to make it a success.


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What Our Customers Have To Say

  • Deborah & Ian

    It was a lot of fun. I wish we had found out about this ages ago

  • Rebecca

    The DISC session was a real light-bulb moment for both of us. It explained so much to us about what we were doing wrong.

  • Ross & Linda

    To be honest, I didn’t want to come along, Linda made me do it. I am glad I did, we learned quite a lot and it was fun

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